EL DEDO DE DIOS (GOD'S FATHER) from serie "Estampillas de un viaje entre dos mares"


Anna Soler Cepriá


Maruata. Michoacán .México.

The images in this series are captured with the Holga camera; whose main characteristics are the use of medium format negatives (negatives of 6x6 cms. frames); Optical aberrations that create vignetting and light leaks that produce eerie haze in the image. The charm of the Holga is to play with "the aesthetics of the imperfect."

In this series, this aesthetic game is complemented by the use of an unreal color achieved with the crossed process of developing the negative and the sensation of an imperfect puzzle reconstructed when making a contact sheet. So far a totally analogous optical_chemical process.

serialized to 12 pieces; this is 2/12


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